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Welcome to the Bowls Safety Bay Website where you can find all the information you need on Membership, Club Bowls, Community Bowls,Coaching and other social events held at the Club. In addition to bowls there is Bingo on Thursday nights. If you need to know more about these activities you will find a lot of information on this website or please contact one of our committee members.

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At the executive committee meeting held Wednesday 20 May, by a unanimous vote, all smoking at & in the ground’s of safety bay bowling club will be banned. This will be phased in as follows.

1: When the club is allowed to serve alcohol with out a meal, a 3 month countdown will start.

2: At the end of that 3 months, all smoking of tobacco & electronic type dispensers will be banned.

This action wasn’t taken lightly, but in the interest of our club members health it is done.

Chris owen


With the club entering phase 2 of covid 19 recovery this week, it was decided that only minimal changes would be made.
We hope to get some social bowls going when phase 3 starts in June .

1: strictly NO B.Y.O ALCOHOL ALLOWED ( this is a state government requirement under the covid 19 state of emergency )
2: maximum 20 bowlers per rink
3: greens increased from 4 rinks to 5 rinks
4: rink separation will reduce to approx 1.5 metres

Individuals or groups not following these rules will be excluded from using the greens. If continuous breaches occur then the greens will be closed.

The regulations will be posted around the club,on the club web page and on facebook. Please read carefully & must abide by them if you don’t then ask someone, as we want everyone to do the right thing here or risk the club having to close the greens. The club will make every effort so members can have a roll-up , but it’s up to all members to do the right thing. Failure to do the right thing could see that member excluded from rollups


REGARDS President


NEW PENNANTS SHIRTS (Updated 21 May 20)

There have been lots of comments & enquiries about the new pennant top while on display at the club. Once the vote has been taken to reduce it down to one top,There is still some design work to complete it . We are currently in the process of arranging a major sponsor , if this happens the sponsors name & logo will be placed on the top. In addition to this, lots of people would like to see a large size penguin placed on the back as this is our original bird used in our first logo. If possible, This and some other small changes are planed to make the finish product the very best possible for you to enjoy wearing .


Please select your favorite and await the information regarding the voting process.



Maintaining control when it is out of our control

This document provided courtesy of Bowls Australia

Rapid change creates anxiety, and uncertainty, especially when it means changing how we live.  Here are some recommendations that can support your mental health and wellbeing over the coming months with the aim of minimising anxiety and stress.

You can create more control than you may initially think, and it focuses on making good choices and ways in which you can respond to situations.


Health safety and following trusted information sources


Limit your time watching the news

  • Continuously wanting to know everything about the situation can become overwhelming and alarming – this may lead to feeling helplessness
  • Identify 2-3 times per day to check / watch the updates


Maintain calm – training your thoughts

  • Try not to let yourself become too upset or have your daily functioning completely disrupted
  • Accept that you cannot always keep control of the situation – take specific measures to deal with the problems to keep your daily life organised and structured
  • Take notice of your thoughts and mood and start to share how you feel with others


Plan for the ‘new’ norm

  • Make a concerted effort to adopt the new measures in place – adhere to self-isolation, social distancing and washing hands.
  • Visualise how you will feel and how you will behave


Set ‘new’ goals

  • Set yourself realistic and achievable goals
  • Stay prepared – postponement/cancellations add uncertainty, so speak family and friends about how to maintain your daily routine with a focus on your new goal
  • Keep training your thoughts


Remember your ‘why’

  • Reflecting, remembering and recommitting to your ‘why’ or reason for training/competing in Bowls, can you help you remain positive and motivated


Keep physically active

  • Use the time to focus on good recovery practices – yoga, stretching, foam rolling
  • Become creative with ways you can exercise at home


Stay connected

  • Do not isolate yourself – we are fortunate to be able to keep in touch digitally
  • Share your thoughts and feelings and exchange examples of alternative daily activities


Practice gratitude

  • When faced with uncertainty it may create worry, and this can be confronting.  Take the time to STOP and identify 3-5 things you are grateful for.  This can help you to ground yourself and minimise the negative thoughts


Seek out support

This situation may make you feel insecure, scared, restless or irritable.  Sometimes this can also lead to a feeling of lack of control, avoidance behaviour, disturbed sleep, anxiety or even panic.

Remember – it is okay to reach out for support.


Due to the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak the club will implement the following:


New Bowling mats and bar mats thanks to Rockingham Nissan


Bowls Safety Bay would like again thank Rockingham Nissan for their continued support of the bowling club, the new mats were presented to club president Chris Owen by Nissan’s Kevin Hayes.





Silver for WA Ladies

Safety Bay player Irene Arndt was crowned WA female player of the tournament winning the Beryl Brennan Award.

Well done Irene, Bowls Safety Bay are so proud to have you with us.



Every Thursday is BINGO night at the Bay.

With a newly introduced HIGH ROLLER game (Game 15).

Last Weeks HIGH ROLLER was Trudy, Winning $800.00

Eyes Down 7.30pm, Bus collection available on request.

For Information please contact Rob on 0438881088


Next Event:


For upcoming events please use the event page in this website, this includes dates, times and costs (where applicable), also for photos of events please use the Gallery page on this website.