June 23

Gardening Helpers Wanted



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Gardening Helpers Wanted

The club is needing more helpers to keep our gardens looking good.  
We have a small team of volunteers and with a few more we should be able to keep the gardens looking fabulous.  We are suggesting that with just a couple of hours a fortnight we will be able to achieve this if we have a few more hands on deck.

The type of help we need is with weeding, keeping small bushes tidy and the occasional planting.  We have a great team at the moment but we just need some extra hands.

You are not tied down to specific hours as we are very flexible and work around our volunteers.  If you have a holiday planned, no problem we will hopefully have enough wonderful volunteers in our team to cover you.

Please contact Norma Cox on 0401 174 088 if you are willing to join us.  

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