July 22

Mens Pennant Practice


Mens Pennant Practice


MENS PENNANT PRACTICE, from this Saturday 25th July with 9 weeks to go for our men’s div 1 blue & div 2 red challenge games for promotion on 19th sept. 

We will with support from sat mixed bankers be holding pennant practice for male pennant players. All division players are welcome, we realise many bowlers are away & the practice matches are voluntary. The format is to work with the mixed bankers but the pennant player will play separately .

Names to be in by 11am sat for a 1pm start, fees will be $8 (same as bankers) we will finish at the same time to socialise & be included in any lucky voucher draw. I would like to thank Pat, Helen & John from the mixed bankers match committee for their understanding & support.

Mens selectors

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