June 22

New Pennant Top Order


New Pennant Top Order


Orders for the new pennant top go on sale this Monday 22nd June.

You can put your order in at the BAR, there are order sheets for both ladies & mens tops .

Orders must be in by no later than Monday 24th August so we can have them delivered for this coming pennant competition.

Tops ordered before this date will include your name on the top as per the order sheet. All tops purchased from the club office after this date,will NOT include your name.

# your 1st top ordered $35 , includes a club rebate of $15
# your 2nd top & any subsequent tops ordered will cost $50 each

# This discounted pricing is only for Tops ordered for the 24th august deadline. After this date, the club will revert to a more realistic price for the tops.

# Mens sizing is the same as the green club social & gray limited edition top. A sizing kit of tops is available behind the bar to try.

# A new Ladies sizing kit is also available from Hilary Mulhall.
# For more information on ladies tops , sizing, style, ect contact : Hilary Mulhall ​or Lyn Scott ​

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