June 2

COVID 19 Update 2 June 2020


COVID 19 Update 2 June 2020




Bowls WA would like to thank clubs who have continued to follow the state government and health advice given during this period of COVID-19 affected restrictions.

As announced by the State Premier last Friday WA is now moving to Phase 3 of Restrictions which apply from Saturday June 6th. These changes will allow our clubs to return to almost normal operations however it is important that clubs continue to observe the rules and guidelines;

Licensed clubs should complete an updated COVID Safety Plan and display the certificate.
Bar Staff need to have completed the COVID-19 Hygiene Course.
Hand Sanitizer be made available for staff/members.

Service of alcohol and food – alcohol can be served without a meal however patrons must be seated. (Bowls WA is seeking further clarification on this and may release an update in due course).
Carefully manage shared spaces (including service areas) to ensure physical distancing.
Maintain a strict minimum of 2 square metres per person.

A maximum of 100 patrons/players is permitted in each separately designated area, (including greens) to a total maximum of 300.

Shared equipment is now allowed provided it is cleaned between use.

Members should continue to practise social distancing 1.5m and good hygiene at all times.
Please also consult with your local government council for further advice and compliance within your area.

Clubs who require assistance are reminded to contact their Regional Bowls Manager or Bowls WA.

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